New Topical Treatment for Nail Fungus

by admin on April 29, 2013

Rarely do I post blog entries on things like nail fungus, but then rarely are there breakthroughs in the treatment of nail fungus.  The most effective treatments we have require taking oral pills for 3 months or longer, with the most effective being Lamisil.  Unfortunately, antifungals are amongst drugs with the highest number of side-effects, and so many interactions that many people taking common medications like lipitor or coumadin are simply unable to take oral antifungals.  That leaves topical treatments as the only option, and most over-the-counter topical treatments are about as effective as water.  To date, the only FDA approved prescription topical treatment has been Penlac, and still with this the cure rate is low, especially for all the work it requires (painted on each nail daily, then trimmed and cleaned with alcohol in addition at least weekly.)  Now there is a new kid on the block, Efinaconazole (EFF-in-a-con-a-zole), which has shown a lot of promise, according to this new study:

With a cure rate of almost 60% and almost no side effects, I may just forget the lamisil pills altogether.  I just need to get wind of the pricing for this new miracle drug first ;)

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